Published April 21, 2017 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Trends come and go- in fashion, in food, and believe it or not… in breast implants.  Before there were shaped implants, the fluctuation between preferences for smooth and textured surfaces of breast implants seemed to change every few years.  With the introduction of anatomic or shaped implants a few years ago, the shape of the implant itself was used as a marketing tool to promote practices offering this newest and greatest option.  With more and more use of this implant, patients began to realize that the firm nature of this “gummy bear” breast augmentation had it’s down side, with some excessive upper pole fullness and an inability for the implant to move like normal tissue.

With the recent concern over ALCL, the rare low grade lymphoma that has been found as a complication of textured breast implants, the trend in breast augmentation is again shifting away from shaped implants because of their textured surface.

To date, there have been no cases of breast implant associated ALCL found in patients who have only had smooth shelled implants.  The textured versions of both round and shaped implants are therefore falling out of favor.

I have always felt that smooth implants gave a more natural shape as they accommodate to the shape of the pocket and the shape of the breast; their smooth shell is able to shift with the natural movement of the breast tissue.  That said, I always wanted to offer patients as many different breast implant options as possible- I still do.  In my plastic surgery practice we still offer smooth round saline and silicone gel implants, as well as shaped gummy bear implants, and additionally the new Ideal structured saline breast implant which also has a smooth shell.

An informed patient is alway the best patient and so when I review each option, we discuss the pros and cons of each implant.  These days, most patients in my practice are opting for the smooth round gel option, and getting great natural appearing results with an implant they can be comfortable with.  Some patients prefer the textured surface and for those patients we enjoy providing the outcome they are looking for with that implant.  During your breast augmentation consultation, we will continue to make sure you are armed with the latest information and best options so you can choose the best implant for your particular situation.

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