Even in the best hands, complications from breast surgery such as deflation and capsular contracture can unfortunately arise. Factors such as smoking can have significant effects on the short and long term outcome after implant surgery. Dr. Lowenstein’s rate of contracture is extraordinarily low and you can be confident that his dedication to your optimal outcome is unsurpassed by even yourself.

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A recent review of his breast implant cases revealed that despite hundreds of implants placed, Dr. Lowenstein has needed to revise breast implants in his own primary patients less than 5% of the time, for any reason. This is significantly less than half of the rate in most published studies, even studies published as recently as this year.

In the very few primary breast augmentation patients that do require secondary surgery for an early complication, Dr. Lowenstein of course does not charge a fee and will do everything he can to achieve the optimal outcome. Breast surgery patients who have undergone their plastic surgery with Dr. Adam Lowenstein in Santa Barbara, conveniently located just a short distance away from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks.

Although spontaneous rupture of breast implants has been reported, Dr. Lowenstein has never seen this happen to his patients in the short or even mid-term postoperative period. Airbags in auto accidents and other traumatic events can cause implant rupture, but contemporary implants are likely to last 10 to 15 years or more before needing to be replaced for leakage.

While this should be a consideration in the long term expectations of all breast implant patients, it is not a factor that Dr. Lowenstein feels should produce significant anxiety in a patient considering breast augmentation in Santa Barbara. Studies have shown that early leakage is most often due to accidentally piercing the implant with a needle or cutting it with a knife during the breast implant surgery. Because of Dr. Lowenstein’s incredible attention to detail, this has never been an issue for any of his patients.

While one of the main reasons for revision of breast implants nationally is because women are unsatisfied with their postoperative size, Dr. Lowenstein is proud that less than 1% of his patients have complained that they did not achieve the postoperative appearance that that they were trying to achieve.

These extraordinary numbers are achieved through Dr. Lowenstein’s meticulous attention to detail in his preoperative consultation as well as the in his operative technique. Pre-operative sizing is taken very seriously and your interaction with Dr. Lowenstein will include precise measurements and examination, followed by a discussion of what size implants are best for you, based on your particular goals.

While computer simulations and animations of your body can often be effective marketing tools and exciting to see, there is no substitute for using physical breast implant sizers, looking in the mirror, and seeing how your clothes drape over the silhouette of your new body. When Dr. Lowenstein hears “this is how I want to look”, he incorporates that most important detail of information into your individualized care to achieve his superlative rate of patient satisfaction. Minimal gimmicks and extensive preoperative discussion combined with meticulous operative technique have long resulted in proven results for Dr. Lowenstein. Your care should be no different.

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