Published February 7, 2017 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Is magic real?  I’m beginning to think so after seeing what cool helium plasma can do.  Read more about this here, but the gist of this treatment is that a very precise energy delivery from ionized helium gas provides a very specific heat spectrum that seems to be the “sweet spot” for causing the skin to actually shrink.  Many have known for quite a long time that heat can cause skin to shrink, but historically controlling the heat and energy delivery has been problematic.  Too hot- you burn the skin.  Not hot enough… nothing happens.

Other modalities have described shrinking skin as a kind of secondary consequence to their primary goal- Laser and ultrasound lipo “seems” to cause some contraction of the skin.  Radiofrequency also has been promoted as a skin shrinking, but this has given disappointing results.  These modalities create heat but not in a controlled enough fashion to give us real skin contraction.  Now comes along J-Plasma cool helium plasma treatments, which provides consistent energy in just the right amount to create real and immediate improvement in the neck, the tummy, the arms…. anywhere there is skin laxity.

Come in and discuss this truly revolutionary cutting edge treatment that can provide immediate real skin tightening with minimal down time- even without general anesthesia if requested.   Plastic surgery is often felt to be transformational, and now our Santa Barbara plastic surgery patients can experience some serious “WOW”- it’s kinda like magic!

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