Published September 8, 2015 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

A common question about breast augmentation is about whether nipples get numb following breast augmentation. While it is not the breast implant itself that causes numb nipples, it is possible that the nerves that supply sensation to the nipple can be damaged during the breast augmentation. These nerves come from the chest around from the spine, and enter the breast toward the side of each breast. When the pocket is made for the breast implant, care must be taken around these nerves to try to preserve them. The larger the breast implant, the more stretch these nerves are under, and the more likely they are to be damaged.

In my extensive breast implant practice, nipple sensation is very often left intact following placement of breast implants. My technique minimizes cutting in the lateral, or side portion of the breast. This region of the pocket is made with a blunt technique, allowing specific and careful shaping of the lateral breast with less chance of nerve damage. Additionally, this technique avoids over-dissection, which prevents the breast implants from lying too laterally and falling to a position on the side of the chest or under the armpit. My careful shaping of the breast implant pocket and utilization of the dual plane technique helps me create a beautiful, natural appearing tear-drop breast shape and certainly aids in my very high rate of patient satisfaction.

If you have questions about breast implants or breast augmentation and live in the areas surrounding Santa Barbara, call our office for an appointment and evaluation. I commonly perform breast implant surgery on plastic surgery patients from Santa Maria, Vandenberg, Bakersfield, Oxnard, Westlake, and Beverly Hills. Breast surgeries are some of my favorite plastic surgery operations here in Santa Barbara, and I will be happy to spend time evaluating your goals and educating you in the best ways to achieve your desired breast outcome.

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