Published January 31, 2016 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Check out the new way to treat the double chin and other small areas of fat….

The CoolMini applicator is here! This small applicator is ideal for use in the “Double Chin” area, but can also be used in the upper breast near the armpit where a little fatty tissue often bothers patients when they wear tank tops. AND…. we can now treat the fat around the knees! The CoolMini applicator will allow our Santa Barbara CoolSculpting patients to loose fat in entirely new areas, and we are so very excited to be adding it to our comprehensive CoolSculpting Center.

Call now for more information on this and other CoolSculpting options from the most experienced CoolScultping Center in the region and the only Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Santa Barbara. Dr. Lowenstein can provide comprehensive evaluation of all of your trouble spots and because of his expertise in all aspects of body and facial contouring, Dr. Lowenstein can discuss all of your options and provide an individualized treatment plan to achieve your goals.

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