Breast Augmentation

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Augmentation of the breast using breast implants has long been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, especially here in Santa Barbara.

As one of his particular specialties, Dr. Lowenstein feels that education is the mainstay of the pre-operative process. Dr. Lowenstein will spend significant time to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your options and the decisions that go into producing an exceptional postoperative outcome.

Types of breast implants

Saline Breast ImplantsRound Silicone Breast ImplantsShaped Silicone Breast Implants
One advantage of these implants is that they can be placed through a relatively small incision.

Saline breast implants are filled with the same type of saline fluid that is often used in intravenous fluid- perfectly compatible with your body. Once in the pocket, Dr. Lowenstein will inflate the implant, much like inflating a water balloon. These implants can show some rippling toward the lower part of the breast, and so are most often recommended for women who have signifiant breast tissue to cover the breast implant.

Round silicone breast implants are the most popular type of breast implant currently used.

Silicone gel breast implants come pre-filled with a natural feeling soft silicone gel, and therefore must be placed into the appropriate pocket through a slightly larger incision. These breast implants are thought to show less rippling and have a more pleasant overall feel to them. Silicone breast implants are often recommended for women who have small breasts preoperatively, when they will constitute the majority of the breast mound relative to the patient’s own breast tissue.

The newest form of silicone breast implants are shaped, or form-stable. These are also called “gummy bear” implants because of their slightly more firm feel.

These shaped implants have the lowest rates of both rupture and problematic scar tissue, and are gaining popularity in many parts of the country. The best candidates for shaped breast implants are smaller breasted women who are looking for fullness in the upper breast area, and women who have a narrow breast and are looking for a more rounded appearance here.


What Can Dr. Lowenstein Do for You?

I Have Small Breasts
I Don't Like My Breast Shape
My Breasts Changed After Pregnancy
My Breast Surgery Needs to be Revised

I Have Small Breasts

Small Breasts

Many women with smaller breasts seek augmentation to allow them to fill out their clothes and appear more proportional. Other women hope for a more full appearance to allow their breasts to be a “feature” of their bodies. Still others wish to remain on the smaller, athletic side but still seek a more feminine form. Breast augmentation with saline or silicone implants can provide each of these types of women with the postoperative form they hope for.

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I Don't Like My Breast Shape

While breasts come in many sizes and shapes, some women hope to improve their breast form. Other women have significant asymmetry and would like their breasts to look more similar. Breast implants, combined with Dr. Lowenstein’s experience and meticulous techniques, can aid in creating a more attractive, tear shaped breast form. Options for this type of outcome may include the use of shaped or round implants, with or without a breast lift if the natural breast tissue lies too low.

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Breast Shape

Breasts Post-Pregnancy

My breasts changed after pregnancy

Even women who have been happy with their breasts before pregnancy are often faced with changes in size or shape after having children. Pregnancy hormones with or without breast feeding often result in deflation of the breast tissue, with a loss of volume in the upper breast and sometimes a falling of the tissue in the lower breast. Breast implants alone are often enough to improve this situation, but a breast lift can sometimes be needed to provide the most optimal outcome. Read below for breast implant information, and see here for more information on breast lifts.

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My breast surgery needs to be revised

Dr. Lowenstein has a breadth of experience in revising breast surgery previously performed elsewhere. Whether your last breast surgery was a recent event or happened long ago, Dr. Lowenstein’s techniques in the treatment of malposition, hardening (capsule contracture), or rupture can provide you with a return to a natural appearing breast form.

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Breast Revision

The Breast Implant Pocket

Subglandular PocketSubmuscular PocketDual Plane Pocket
The subglandular breast implant position places the implant over the muscle, behind the breast tissue.

This can have a great effect on filling out the lower breast mound by adding volume to the area of the breast behind the nipple. Unfortunately, breast implants placed in this position have a higher incidence of hardening, and are more easily felt and seen without the muscle tissue to aid in covering the breast implant. While the subglandular breast implant position may be a good option in some women who have a drooping and deflated appearing breast, the difficulties with this breast implant placement often preclude its use.

The submuscular breast implant position is very commonly used and most often taught to young surgeons.

In this case the implant is placed behind pectorals muscle. The advantages of this placement are felt to be the decreased risk of implant hardening, and the more natural feel from the extra muscle coverage of the breast implant. This position tends to result in a higher riding breast implant, and the natural breast tissue can droop over the muscle and implant, causing a “double bubble”. This pocket is best used in the youngest breast implant patients with small pre-operative breasts.

The dual plane breast implant position combines the best of the submuscular breast implant position with the best of the subglandular breast implant position.

The majority of the breast implant is in the submuscular pocket resulting in the low risk of hardening, but this operation utilizes some additional releasing of tissue in the lower breast. Because of this inferior release, the breast implant is allowed to better fill out the apex of the breast. This results in the natural “teardrop” shape most often requested by Dr. Lowenstein’s patients.



Dr. Lowenstein’s Breast Implant Guarantee

All of Dr. Lowenstein’s silicone gel breast implant patients are now automatically enrolled in Dr. Lowenstein’s 10 year breast implant guarantee against capsular contracture and implant rupture.  Dr. Lowenstein is so confident in his Mentor breast implants and his meticulous breast augmentation technique that he is willing to operate without cost to you in the rare case of capsular contracture or implant rupture.   This means that if you need your implants exchanged because of capsular contracture or rupture within the next 10 years, Dr. Lowenstein will perform that procedure for you at no cost to you!

Conveniently located in Santa Barbara, Dr. Lowenstein commonly cares for many breast implant surgery patients from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks.

Dr. Lowenstein Discusses Breast Augmentation

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