Published July 27, 2022 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Today one of my long-time friends and a much-respected colleague Dr. Douglas Mackenzie pulled up his moving van and cleared the remaining things from his office as he closed his Pacific Plastic Surgery practice here in Santa Barbara. Dr. Mackenzie and I have been great colleagues since I came to town in 2007, and over the past 15 years that I have been a plastic surgeon here in Santa Barbara, he and I have become great friends as well.

Dr. Mackenzie was (and still is) an excellent surgeon, and he and I would frequently discuss techniques and surgeries as we advise each other on the best way to enhance our plastic surgery practices and provide the best care to our plastic surgery patients. Though technically “competitors,” having our plastic surgery practices right next to each other on State Street in Santa Barbara provided a setting to maintain and grow our friendship. As we are both like-minded in putting patient priorities first, our practice styles are very similar which allowed us to maintain a great professional bond.

As Dr. Mackenzie closes Pacific Plastic Surgery and is off on his next personal and professional adventure, I wish him the very best going forward. His absence will be felt daily but I look forward to keeping in touch with this great colleague and friend.

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