Brow lifts can revitalize drooping or lined foreheads, helping you to look less angry, sad or tired. They are extremely trusted by the medical community and are notorious for their quality results — in fact, more than 88,000 were performed throughout 2021, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) is a surgical procedure that reduces wrinkles and folds above the eyebrows by adjusting the underlying muscle and removing excess skin. Using either traditional or minimally invasive (endoscopic) methods, a more youthful appearance can be achieved.

The procedure is often combined with other operations such as eyelid surgery and facelifts to improve the look of your eyes and other areas of the face. Conveniently located in Santa Barbara, Dr. Lowenstein cares for many brow lift surgery patients from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura and Thousand Oaks.

Why Do We Need Brow Lift?

As we express ourselves in daily life, our muscles are constantly folding and unfolding the skin on our faces. Eventually, those folds begin to hold their shape, even when the muscles aren’t working. While this is a result of time, it is also caused by our body’s natural decline in collagen production. Collagen is an essential component to maintaining a taut appearance, and after the age of 20, we lose 1% of it every year.

We need solutions like brow lifts because there is no way to prevent your body from losing collagen. Some procedures like Botox can help with facial folding, but eventually, the toll will be taken on the skin and the only way to fix it will be through surgery.

Am I a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your forehead, then you would likely benefit from a brow lift procedure. However, the best candidates are those who are in good physical health, are free from problematic underlying medical conditions, live an active lifestyle, do not smoke, do not excessively drink, and do not do drugs.

It is also essential to have realistic expectations about what a brow lift can achieve. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment in what would be considered an otherwise successful surgery.

Get Your Brow Lift at Montecito Plastic Surgery

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How Should I Prepare for Brow Lift?

We will provide you with a list of preoperative instructions. These could include changes to medications or supplements or a list of environmental factors to avoid. You should always quit smoking right away since it drastically increases the likelihood of suffering a surgical complication. People who smoke tend to have poorer wound healing, which means longer recoveries and more visible scarring.

You should also plan to have someone with you on the day of the surgery to drive you to and from the office. You will not be able to operate a vehicle because of the anesthesia, and it is helpful to have someone you trust around just in case you need help with small tasks.

What Should I Expect During Brow Lift Recovery?

It typically takes around two weeks for the initial wound to heal. A couple of things happen around this time: you can typically return to work and normal activities as long as they are not strenuous, and you will likely have sutures or clips removed.

Some swelling or redness may persist for an additional few weeks, and it may even take several months for your recovery to complete, but the majority of your results will be noticeable around the two-week mark.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Brow Lift?

The results you achieve through your brow lift will be permanent, and you can expect them to improve the appearance of your forehead substantially. Although no procedure can prevent additional skin sagging from occurring, your forehead will always look better than it would have if the surgery had never been performed.

Can I Combine My Brow Lift with Other Procedures?

A brow lift can be easily combined with a plethora of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. If you are looking to have more than one surgery done, such as a facelift, neck lift or eyelid surgery, we highly recommend combining them for a few reasons.

The first is that you will drastically decrease the time you will spend recovering if you allow multiple parts of your body to recover at once. This also minimizes the amount of time you are under anesthesia, decreasing the chances of a complication. But you will also save yourself potentially thousands of dollars since facility and anesthesia fees only need to be paid once.

If you are looking to have nonsurgical additions to your procedure, it is best to work with our team to determine the best treatment plan. Botox, dermal fillers, PRP treatment, skin resurfacing — all of these are great ways to improve your appearance without additional surgery.

How Much Does Brow Lift Cost?

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a brow (forehead) lift is $3,900. Keep in mind this is a ballpark estimate, and a precise figure can only be provided once we have had a chance to review your history, listen to your goals and examine the treatment areas.

Remember: cheaper is rarely better. A surgeon’s cost is directly related to their expertise, and your facial appearance isn’t the place to simply look for the best deal.

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