Why Choose Montecito Plastic Surgery for Your Breast Surgery

There are many reasons why women seek breast surgery and it is important to choose a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara for the best results. Dr. Lowenstein prides himself on his low rate of complications and high rate of patient satisfaction. Your care throughout your plastic surgery experience will reflect Dr. Lowenstein’s reputation for creating a positive experience with results that you will be happy with for many years to come.

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Dr. Lowenstein offers several options in breast surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in both California and the entire country. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lowenstein’s techniques are second to none for providing a natural appearance with minimal complications. As one of the top breast augmentation plastic surgeons in Santa Barbara, Dr. Lowenstein offers a wide range of breast implant options and provides each woman with an individualized treatment plan to give results worthy of his reputation for excellence.

Breast Lift

As women age, the shape of the breast naturally changes, resulting in a loss of elasticity and firmness. Dr. Lowenstein’s techniques for performing a breast lift create a beautiful shape and restores youth to the breast for a truly individualized result to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can be performed to reduce the size, shape, and volume of disproportionately large and sagging breasts. Dr. Lowenstein’s breast reduction will not only improve the way a patient looks but how they feel. By reducing the volume of the breasts and relieving the weight-bearing back pain and neck discomfort, patients will enjoy a better quality of life, too.


Gynecomastia is a condition in men where there is excess breast tissue, causing enlarged male breasts. There are several causes for Gynecomastia and it is quite common from teenagers to older men. Gynecomastia can be easily treated with a male breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Lowenstein.

Nipple Surgery

Inverted nipples and enlarged areolas are common concerns for women. With nipple surgery, a new nipple size can be easily constructed and nipple inversion corrected. Often done under a local anesthetic, nipple surgery by Dr. Lowenstein takes as little as one hour and has no downtime.

Implant Revision

Dr. Lowenstein’s breast implant revision techniques are well-known in Santa Barbara for correcting previous implant surgery elsewhere that has given less than desired results. Whether your implant is ruptured, deflated, you have excessive scar tissue, or just need an improved shape, Dr. Lowenstein can perform breast implant revision surgery to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Here are 5 common reasons Dr. Lowenstein performs breast implant surgery:

I can’t find flattering clothes that fit me.

A frequent complaint of women seeking breast implants in Santa Barbara is they can’t find clothing and bathing suits that they feel confident in. Some women have a breast size that they aren’t comfortable with. But with implant surgery by Dr. Lowenstein, they can achieve their aesthetic body goals and wear whatever type of clothing they wish so that they feel sexy, confident, and excited about their body.

I would like my body to be more proportional.

Many women find that their body type and breasts don’t go together or have an overall flattering appearance. For the same reason that women get a breast reduction, they also seek out breast implants to achieve a body that’s more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, both nude and clothed. Everyone has their dream body, and with breast implant surgery by Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara, you can achieve yours.

My breasts have gotten smaller.

One of the main complaints that women have as they age or give birth is that their breasts are saggy, infirm, and no longer look like the breasts of their youth. While some women see an increase in breast size after pregnancy, others experience a shrinking of the breast tissue. Whatever the reason may be, a breast implant surgery with Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara will restore lost youth and elasticity to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

My breasts are sagging.

Ptosis, or drooping of the breast, is quite common in women as they age and following pregnancy. A breast lift alone may correct this problem, but sometimes implants are necessary to achieve a patient’s goals. A mastopexy, or breast lift, may be performed by Dr. Lowenstein at the same time as a breast implant to give an overall improved look to the breasts.

My breasts are different sizes.

Asymmetrical breasts are natural and common. Some degree of breast asymmetry should be expected, but for women whose breasts are significantly disproportionate, Dr. Lowenstein can perform breast implant surgery to give the breasts a more even appearance. A different-sized breast implant can be used in these cases to achieve a natural look, and with today’s surgical options and board-certified Dr. With Lowenstein’s techniques, you can restore symmetry to your chest.

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Dr. Lowenstein Discuses Breast Surgery

Conveniently located in Santa Barbara, Dr. Lowenstein commonly cares for many breast implant surgery patients from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks.

Learn More About Breast Surgery With Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara

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Dr. Lowenstein’s conveniently located private plastic surgery facility in California is just a short distance away from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura and Thousand Oaks.


Dr. Lowenstein will strive to understand your goals

Dr. Lowenstein understands that each and every patient has their own unique aesthetic goals. Dr. Lowenstein will listen carefully to your wishes, and will happily answer any questions you may have. He will discuss with you the best way to proceed in order to achieve your desired look for results that you will love.

Dr. Lowenstein will discuss your options

Patient education is the cornerstone of a consultation with Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara. He will provide you with a thorough understanding of your options and what results to expect. Dr. Lowenstein will explain the different procedures, incision placement, postoperative expectations, and if used, show you what your breast implants will look like.

Dr. Lowenstein will pay meticulous attention to detail in the operating room

Every breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast enhancement of any kind performed by Dr. Lowenstein is done so with the utmost care and consideration for the individual. Although performed frequently, every operation is treated with attention to detail to provide you with the best outcome following your plastic surgery.

Dr. Lowenstein will thoughtfully examine your pre-operative size and shape

Just like your fingerprint, your body is unique to you. Every procedure performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lowenstein is individualized to each patient. During your preoperative visit, he will record several measurements including your breast size, shape, and anatomic features to create a surgical plan customized to your specific aesthetic goals.

Dr. Lowenstein will plan the best breast surgery for your body

During your consultation, Dr. Lowenstein will show you breast implant sizers placed in an appropriate bra. Following a detailed discussion about your goals, Dr. Lowenstein and his staff will assist you in choosing a breast implant you are comfortable with so that you will see what results to expect.

Dr. Lowenstein will ensure careful postoperative management in Santa Barbara

While your surgery may be over on the day of your operation, your plastic surgery care with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff will continue with the same concern and attention you’ve received since the beginning. Dr. Lowenstein will see you in a day or two following your operation and several times over the coming weeks, months, and years to make sure your results are long-lasting and continue to meet your expectations.

For patients undergoing breast surgery who are concerned about scarring, Dr. Lowenstein’s newest treatments for postoperative scarring utilize Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy. Patients of Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara have the opportunity to maximize their outcomes with this scientifically proven technology.

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