Published November 28, 2010 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Having just come across the show called Bridalplasty, I’m so thoroughly disgusted that I felt I had to write about it. It seems that Dr. Terry Dubrow has involved himself in this television show in which women will compete for the opportunity to have a plastic surgery makeover. I fully agree with the opinion of my friend, Dr. Mike McGuire, the former president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. In an article by ABC news, Dr. McGuire calls the show embarrassing to the field, and says the American Society of Plastic Surgery frowns upon taking a “well-recognized specialty down into this level of entertainment.”

As a plastic surgeon that takes my practice extraordinarily seriously, I find it very disappointing that any one of my “peers” would think it was in a patient’s best interest to encourage her to compete against others for a plastic surgery procedure. I feel that this show devalues the doctor-patient relationship, and is at best marginal in its ethics.

As a consumer and prospective patient, I sincerely hope you do not associate my practice with this type of sensationalist “entertainment.” My patients are carefully evaluated, thoroughly educated, and meticulously cared for in a manner that is in their best interest. I will continue to do my best to provide patients with aesthetic and reconstructive surgical care that emphasizes the best in plastic surgery and leave the “entertainment” to those more interested in entertaining.

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