Published May 27, 2010 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Today we did two breast augmentations and a rhinoplasty at our surgery center. I’m very grateful for the outstanding team we’ve assembled here- everyone got a great operation and should be very pleased with their results. Our newest team member’ Nena Santoyo, is an extraordinary operating room technician who has come to work with us after many years of working with Dr. Russel Stokes, who has recently closed his practice. Nena brings a great energy and abundant plastic surgery experience to the operating room, and we are all very glad to have her on board. She seems to be arriving just in time, as our operating schedule is packed with multiple face lifts, rhinoplasties, and a world of breast surgery. Yesterday’s face lift patient certainly appreciated everyone’s work- she was thanking everyone involved. Every day is rewarding for us all at Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara- I’m a very fortunate plastic surgeon!

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