Published May 19, 2009 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

We are seeing more and more women come from Beverly Hills and Hollywood to have their plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. I find this a very interesting phenomenon. I’ve never been one to gawk at celebrities- I see them as people just like you and I, with very interesting careers. (I have some friends, whoever, that I’m convinced only visit me both here in Santa Barbara and also at my home in Aspen because they like to see and be seen with the rich and famous.) Personally, I feel that privacy issues are of ultimate importance, and as I refuse to divulge anything about my patients without their formal written consent, my staff is similarly respectful. I think that this approach, combined with our secluded and exclusive setting, gives the Beverly Hills plastic surgery crowd a great experience.

Of course, I think it’s great that “Dr. Lowenstein” has that kind of reputation with the women of Los Angeles, but I do think that our office and staff have a great deal to do with this trend. I’m finding that women who want “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery” are looking for a combination of expertise, exclusivity, and privacy and that they find a higher level of these by having plastic surgery with us in Santa Barbara. Patients who are looking for “Beverly Hills” breast implant surgery as well as facial surgery such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery appreciate the seclusion of Montecito. I think that when they find our practice and experience the emphasis on patient-centric plastic surgery, they recognize that the aura of the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon can be found in more exclusive surroundings.

When my patient coordinator asks these women why they come from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, and why they bypass plastic surgery in Beverly Hills to see me, their response is usually “reputation” or “I heard Dr. Lowenstein did [so-and-so’s] surgery”. (While they never hear that from us, but apparently some patients themselves like to talk about their plastic surgery.) In fact, there are a lot of good plastic surgeons in Los Angeles. Apparently patients just come up here for something more.

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