Published June 25, 2018 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

VASER liposuction and Renuvion Cosmetic Technology can come together in one amazingly transformative procedure to create an option for superior body contouring. Both are revolutionary in their own right; but when performed together, the results are truly remarkable. While very few plastic surgeons have begun to take full advantage of either technology, Dr. Lowenstein and Montecito Plastic Surgery have been on the forefront of both VASER liposuction and Renuvion treatments. Dr. Lowenstein has experience using both and has combined them into one procedure to give patients superior body contouring results.

Minimally Invasive Fat Reduction

VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that utilizes ultrasound waves to disrupt and dislodge fat cells from surrounding tissue and blood vessels. Other forms of liposuction may cause more damage to surrounding tissue because the fat cells are embedded within the tissue and rely on the manual movement of the liposuction cannula or heat to disrupt them. The ultrasound waves used in VASER liposuction detach the fat cells from surrounding tissue, allowing more of them to be removed while causing less trauma to the surrounding tissue. Less trauma to the treatment area means less bruising and swelling, which translates into faster healing and less downtime. In addition, the cannula that is used in the procedure comes in a variety of thicknesses with a different number of rings at the end of the instrument, allowing Dr. Lowenstein an unprecedented degree of precision, and the ability to use varying amounts of ultrasound energy in a variety of directions to customize your treatment and create an optimal contour.

VASER liposuction is versatile, with the ability to contour small, delicate areas or more substantial pockets of fat, including:

  • Neck and Chin
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Sides (flanks)
  • Upper arms
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees and calves
  • Breasts (in male patients)

Skin-Friendly Skin Tightening

Plastic surgeons have long been challenged with the problem of effectively treating loose skin caused by the natural aging process, weight loss, or after pregnancy. In the past, there were virtually no options to treat loose skin, other than surgery to remove it, which often involves significant scarring and downtime. For some patients, surgically removing excess skin may still the best option, especially after very dramatic weight loss. But for other patients requiring a less extensive transformation, now there is a new technology to effectively tighten and rejuvenate skin from within: Renuvion. Renuvion (also called J-Plasma or J-Plasty) is a game-changer for plastic surgeons, allowing them to tighten loose skin and restore it to a youthful firmness, with minimal scarring and recovery time.

Renuvion is a revolutionary technology that uses radiofrequency waves to energize helium gas into plasma. This process creates a precise stream of cool helium plasma that is applied to the underside of the skin, causing the skin to contract and produce collagen, firming it without damaging nearby tissue. Helium gas is used because it is stable and rapidly converts to plasma at a lower temperature. This is significant because helium plasma works at a “cool” 100 degrees, versus other procedures like laser technologies that can reach temperatures of 300 to 600 degrees. This makes Renuvion technology safer than these alternatives. In addition, the cool plasma stream is precise, treating only the skin that encounters the plasma. Thus, Renuvion effectively treats the underside of the skin without overheating or causing damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in instantly tightened, beautiful skin that will continue to tighten over time as collagen rebuilds naturally.

Dr. Lowenstein can use Renuvion on its own, or in conjunction with procedures like VASER liposuction for enhanced effects. Renuvion provides additional toning that isn’t possible with liposuction alone, tightening the skin of the liposuctioned area to reveal a beautiful new contour.

The Combination Procedure

Before the procedure begins, Dr. Lowenstein will meet with you to discuss the treatment plan and address your concerns. To begin the procedure, local or general anesthesia will be administered, depending on your comfort level and the location and size of the treatment area. Dr. Lowenstein will select the appropriate cannula, with the correct thickness and number of rings, to perform the VASER liposuction. Then he will make small, strategically placed incisions and insert the long, thin VASER cannula into the treatment area.

Next, he will move the cannula back and forth across the area, using ultrasound waves to dislodge the fat cells from surrounding tissue while suctioning those cells from the treatment area. Once the liposuction is complete, he will use the same incisions to insert the thin metal cannula of the Renuvion device into the treatment area. Dr. Lowenstein will move the cannula back and forth across the treatment area while a precise stream of plasma is delivered to the underside of the skin, gently heating it and causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen production.

After the procedure you may experience minor discomfort, swelling and tenderness at the treatment area. Because both procedures are much less invasive than surgery, pain is often managed with over-the-counter medication. Dr. Lowenstein may also advise you to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and aid healing. Some patients return to work in as little as three days following VASER and Renuvion; however, strenuous activity should be avoided for approximately three weeks.

Immediate, Stunning Results

The results from VASER and Renuvion are immediate and transformative. The treatment area will be firm and lean, and the skin over it will be smooth and tight. Results will continue to improve over time as swelling diminishes and collagen continues to rebuild. Montecito Plastic Surgery has emerged as the leading body contouring center in the Santa Barbara area and across the country. Dr. Lowenstein and his staff utilize new, state-of-the-art technologies that provide patients with the best non-invasive and minimally-invasive procedures, as well as unparalleled surgical techniques. If you want to learn more about the surgical and nonsurgical procedures available to recontour your body, call 805-969-9004 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Lowenstein and the staff at Montecito Plastic Surgery have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your body contouring goals.

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