Published March 8, 2019 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

After a certain age, stubborn areas of fat will develop no matter how often you work out or how many diets you try. This is true for men and women both. Fortunately, advances in cosmetic treatments make it possible to trim away unwanted fat and obtain the body you’ve always wanted. CoolSculpting, a revolutionary approach to fat reduction, offers a noninvasive method to do just that.

The costs for CoolSculpting can vary quite a bit depending on the provider you choose, the number of areas you want addressed, and the provider’s skill and expertise. As a premier CoolSculpting Certified Practice, Montecito Plastic Surgery can offer this procedure at affordable rates that become progressively cheaper the more areas you have treated. Read on to see how various factors can influence CoolSculpting costs and the benefits gained from choosing the right provider.

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What’s All This Hype About CoolSculpting?

Areas of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise can quickly discourage even the most hardcore of fitness enthusiasts. The truth of the matter is genetics and the aging process ultimately determine if stubborn areas of fat develop on the body as well as where they might appear. While other cosmetic techniques like liposuction can also address this problem, many of them are invasive and require some form of surgery and recovery time. CoolSculpting is a breakthrough technology that uses a noninvasive approach to trim away areas of unwanted fat and sculpt the body to reveal its natural, shapely contours.

The science behind CoolSculpting relies on the body’s natural physical makeup and processes. Rather than remove or suction fatty tissue out, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells, which causes cells to die off. The body then eliminates the destroyed cells through its natural elimination processes. The procedure produces little to no discomfort and no incisions are made. For these reasons and more, CoolSculpting has become the go-to treatment for getting rid of stubborn body fat on the belly, flanks, thighs and other areas.

CoolSculpting Cost Factors

How much does CoolSculpting cost? While the overall “fat freezing” premise remains the same, the procedure can be done in different ways and with different tools. These differences affect how much you pay. Likewise, your provider’s skill and expertise also affect the cost as well as the quality of your outcome.

At Montecito Plastic Surgery, our expert team has been performing CoolSculpting procedures for more than five years, making us the most experienced CoolSculpting practice in Santa Barbara. We’re also one of the few providers that use the new CoolAdvantage applicator design. This new tool comes with three interchangeable adapters that are designed to treat different areas of the body more comfortably and effectively.

The CoolAdvantage applicator allows for better precision and better results in half the time. Whereas a standard CoolSculpting procedure can take as long as an hour to complete, the CoolAdvantage applicator cuts treatment time in half. While many patients desire more than one treatment session to achieve their contouring goals, discounts are available for multiple sessions to make the procedure more affordable.

Areas CoolSculpting Can Treat

CoolSculpting addresses a variety of areas where unwanted fat accumulates, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks or sides of the abdomen
  • Hips
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Underneath the chin
  • Undersides of the upper arms

The size of any one treatment area has a considerable bearing on the cost. Larger areas, such as the flanks and thighs require two or more applications whereas smaller areas like the chin only require one. Experienced providers can treat most any area of the body where stubborn fat resides. And with the proper CoolSculpting extensions, larger areas can be “sculpted” simultaneously instead of one at a time, which may also reduce your cost.

Montecito Offers the Very Best Prices for CoolSculpting!

Montecito Plastic Surgery is a CoolSculpting Certified Practice, which allows us to offer our patients preferred pricing. As one of the busiest CoolSculpting Centers in California, we’re able to sell treatments in packages that come with progressive discounts for multiple applications and treatment areas. With our progressive discounts, the more applications you buy, the lower the price you pay!

What’s an application you ask? There is often some confusion about the difference between applications (Which are also called “sculpts”), and “sessions” (Which refers to bundles of applications at one time). To clarify, an “application” is the treatment of one spot, which usually takes 35 minutes. Many applications to different areas of the body can be done in each session. CoolSculpting isn’t one of those treatments that requires repeated treatments of the same area time after time: Just one session, with two or more 35 minute applications running together, is often all that is required for many patients to see amazing results.

Here’s an overall rundown of our pricing:

  • One application (sculpt): $750
  • Two-application (sculpt) package: $750 per sculpt
  • Four-application (sculpt) package: $699 per sculpt
  • Six-application (sculpt) package: $650 per sculpt
  • Eight or more applications (sculpt) package: $599 per sculpt

Dr. Lowenstein’s office uses the latest tools in CoolSculpting technology, ensuring you can expect quality results in half the time it takes with traditional CoolSculpting procedures.

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CoolSculpting costs will vary depending on the number of areas you have treated. Many people start out wanting a particular area done, such as the stomach, but then opt to have the flanks or hips done as well to achieve a sleek and balanced profile. For these reasons, Montecito Surgery Center tries to make the pricing schedule affordable and easy to understand. Because we stand by our CoolSculpting expertise, Dr. Lowenstein also provides a guarantee that is you’re not happy with your results, we will apply 50% of the money spent in the treated area towards liposuction.

The best way to determine how CoolSculpting can work for you is by scheduling an initial consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals. Keep in mind, the more areas you have treated the less you pay, which makes it easier to have everything done at once. Call Montecito Plastic Surgery today at 805-969-9004 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lowenstein and get started on the journey to a more sculpted you!

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