Published January 18, 2010 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

As many of you know, following Dr. Sheffield’s retirement at the end of last year, some gentle transformations have kept us busy at Montecito Plastic Surgery. New paint adorns the walls, and new furniture can be found throughout the office. This week, the finishing touches will be placed with new flooring in two exam rooms. Several new pieces of art will be received from the framers, and will be heading for our newly painted walls.

The hardest part, and yet the best part, has been that throughout this transition, we have remained clinically as busy as ever. Two and often three operating days per week have been filled through much of February by the ongoing interest in having plastic surgery in Santa Barbara by some old, but many new patients. I will be performing several face lift operations, rhinoplasty operations, liposuction, and breast augmentations in the coming weeks on both men and women from Santa Barbara and beyond.

We are thrilled at the response that patients have given on the new look to the office. It appears lighter, larger, and more aesthetic. Additionally, computers placed in each room allow increased access to the new electronic medial record, as well as plastic surgery imaging programs that aid in patient education. We couldn’t be more pleased with the enhancements to Montecito Plastic Surgery, and we invite you to stop by and see what all of the excitement is about.

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