Published March 27, 2013 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Today we tried out the Keller Funnel which is a great tool that allows me to place a silicone gel implant through a very small incision. Additionally and perhaps more important, the implants is placed directly into the funnel, and then via the funnel is placed directly inside the pocket without ever being touched by the skin, of the breast. Why is this important? One of the theories that we have about capsular contracture is that low grade infections from bacteria on the skin are the initial trigger for the development of contracture. By using the Keller Funnel, we completely eliminate even the potential for skin contamination using the “no touch” technique. Friends of mine who use this report a 0% contracture rate. While my rate of contracture is extraordinarily low already, I am always in search of ways that we can continue to improve on excellence.

I’ve been very pleased with the ease of use and utility of the Keller Funnel in my case today, and I’m planning on using it next week for several more breast implant operations. I’ll be happy to discuss this with anyone who has questions about this new addition to my technique… just give a call to the office and I’ll let you know what it’s all about!

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