Published May 23, 2012 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

We have been very busy here at Montecito Plastic Surgery! With more and more patients doing more and more procedures, we have actually been pretty swamped. I’m frequently getting asked what surgery we do the most of, and I’m struggling with that answer.

This month we are doing several face lifts (with and without eyelid and cheek surgeries), many breast procedures, some liposuction, a few tummy tucks… and a LOT of CoolSculpting. It’s the variety that sets plastic surgery apart from other specialties- each patient has a different aesthetic, and so each operation is different, on top of the great variety of operations that we do.

Just as I don’t have a great answer for what we do the most, I don’t have a great answer as to my favorite procedure in plastic surgery. I think I would get bored if I had one surgery that I did all of the time, and I enjoy doing all of the cases that I have. The best part of being a plastic surgeon, of course, is the happy patients. Having seen several of them today, I’m feeling pretty blessed to be a plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara!

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