Published September 11, 2009 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

This morning I had the pleasure of listening to two lectures by Fred Menick, MD, from Tuscon, AZ. Fred is one of the true masters of plastic surgery of the nose, and I’m feeling very fortunate that he and I were visiting my alma matter, the University of North Carolina Medical school, on the same weekend. Some of my best friends run the outstanding residency here, and I was so pleased that they invited me to their residents’ conference.

Fred gave two outstanding discussions about total nasal reconstruction, as well as partial nasal reconstruction. Of course, references to cosmetic nose surgery and rhinoplasty were multiple- the best of the aesthetic surgeons are well versed in reconstructive plastic surgery.

I was very happy to hear him discuss some of the principles that I have been following for years. His examples of complex nasal wounds following MOHS surgery were terrific, and his multi-staged approach to reconstruction yielded fantastic results. My own passion for plastic surgery of the nose and rhinoplasty allowed me to really enjoy his presentation, and I hope that the residents came away from our subsequent discussion with some great “pearls” on plastic surgery of the nose- both reconstructive nose surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery of these areas.

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