Your skin is intrinsic to your appearance, and as the largest organ in your body, it requires constant care and protection to remain smooth, healthy and beautiful. As we age, our dermal structure and collagen production begin to break down, resulting in fine lines, sagging skin and loss of volume and elasticity.

While aging is inevitable, proper skin care and routine facials are critical for taking care of your skin so you can stay healthy, happy and glowing at every stage of life. Since each patient has a unique complexion, keeping your skin nourished and hydrated depends on highly individualized treatment and care.

Our licensed aesthetician Rosa Chavez draws on skincare techniques and facial treatments of the highest standard to help patients achieve profound medical and cosmetic results. With over a decade of experience in luxury spas and medical offices, she has a reputation for customizing both in-office procedures and at-home regimens according to each patient’s distinct needs and skin type.

Regardless of your age or skin concerns, the aesthetic experts at Montecito Plastic Surgery use highly developed methods and products to help you reveal your healthiest, most radiant skin. Beyond our technical and aesthetic skills, we are committed to patient education and will ensure you are fully informed on how to care for your skin even after your appointment so that you can bring out the best of your natural beauty.

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Custom Facials – Unique to You

From anti-aging to rejuvenation, facial treatments are an excellent way to hydrate your skin and revitalize your appearance. At our state-of-the-art private facility in Santa Barbara, CA, our expert aesthetician Rosa performs both pampering procedures and medical-grade treatments for patients of all ages, skin types and stages of life. Whether you are in your teens or golden years, our customized facials can help to reduce blemishes, minimize signs of aging and restore radiance to dull or congested skin.

Creating a custom facial for your skin condition and concerns begins with an in-depth consultation. During this appointment, we will thoroughly examine your skin and translate this assessment into in-office treatment recommendations and an attentive at-home follow-up plan. Our aim in designing your personalized skincare regimen is to clarify and heal your skin while providing a relaxing, pampering experience.

To supplement your custom facial, Rosa will design a tailored skincare regime that utilizes high-quality products to help you maintain and optimize your results.

Custom facials can also be performed to complement other treatments. For instance, patients who undergo Botox injections, dermal fillers, microneedling or Clear + Brilliant facials can enhance the effects of their procedure with a custom facial. In your consultation, Rosa will analyze your skin needs to design an individualized facial that supplements any other treatments you are undergoing or considering.

The Benefits of Medical-Grade Skin Care

While over-the-counter products may be convenient to purchase, budget-friendly and look appealing thanks to celebrity endorsements and slick marketing, a vast majority of these products don’t provide long-term benefits to the skin. Even worse, because of their formulations, most over-the-counter skincare products are unable to thoroughly nourish and protect your skin.

In contrast, medical-grade skincare has been researched and developed to incorporate active ingredients that successfully penetrate the epidermis and reach the underlying dermal layers, revitalizing your face from the inside out where damage starts. Compared to OTC products that sit on the skin’s surface, medical-grade solutions can target the dermal tissue to deeply hydrate the skin and improve its overall health.

A common reason some patients look to over-the-counter skincare products is that they are often less costly than professional and medical-grade skincare. However, your skin is integral to both your appearance and confidence, and investing in superior solutions for your complexion pays off in better, faster improvements that last.

The medical-grade skincare products offered at Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara are manufactured using the latest technology and can be adapted to your specific skin issues and concerns to a degree that is unachievable using over-the-counter products. Your skin presents your face to the world—it is worth investing in!

ZO Skin Health

At Montecito Plastic Surgery, we are proud to carry products from the clinically tested, revolutionary skincare line, ZO Skin Health. Founded by board-certified dermatologist and international skincare expert Dr. Zein Obagi, this professional skincare line features innovative and bioengineered formulas to bridge the gap between professional treatments and daily skincare products for at-home use.

With medical-grade formulations for patients of any skin type, ZO Skin Health products are tailored using proven ingredients at higher concentrations than those you can purchase over the counter, producing far superior results. At our practice, we can analyze your condition and select the most suitable cleansers, exfoliants and toners for your skin type and unique needs, whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive or shows signs of aging.

Once we have designed a customized skincare regime for you, ZO Skin Health products will allow you to experience continuous results at home. Not only have these solutions been clinically proven to help reduce pores, repair damaged skin, brighten your complexion and alleviate signs of aging, but they can also supplement in-office procedures and help you maintain consistently beautiful results.

Our Commitment to Patient Education

Besides her custom facial services, licensed aesthetician Rosa Chavez is dedicated to delivering the best patient experience possible. After an extensive assessment of your skin and discussion of your questions and concerns, she will select the best facial treatments and skincare products to ensure a completely personalized experience.

Whether you require anti-aging care, intense cleansing or advanced sun protection, she will design the most suitable skincare plan and educate you on how to achieve your healthiest complexion with both in-office treatments and an at-home routine. She will also ensure that you are fully informed of the skincare maintenance program required between more intensive facial procedures, from calming inflammation to accelerating healing.

We are committed to patient education and want you to feel relaxed and comfortable through all parts of your cosmetic journey.

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From medical-grade skincare to customized facials in Santa Barbara, our aesthetic specialists at Montecito Plastic Surgery are passionate about helping you achieve your healthiest, most radiant skin yet.

Performed by our highly experienced aesthetician Rosa Chavez, you can rest assured that your treatments will be completed with technical skill, aesthetic artistry and holistic results in mind. Under the directorship of highly respected board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Lowenstein, Rosa and the rest of our staff can help you achieve transformative improvements for long-lasting, satisfying results.

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