Published November 4, 2011 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

“As a woman, we all know those “hard to get rid of areas on our bodies, that even with dieting, and exercise they just won’t go away.” Well that’s why I decided to try this new procedure called “CoolSculpting”, with Dr. Adam Lowenstein. I had my lower stomach, and “love handles” done on each side. It’s a totally non-invasive treatment, that takes an hour per treated area. No anesthesia, or pain medication required, that’s the best part I believe! Instead, Dr. Lowenstein handed me an Ipad that I could watch movies on, browse the internet, or read from a list on magazines. Suzanne (his trusty right hand woman) was AMAZING! Talk about making somebody feel comfortable, she’s wonderful. She would check up on me about every 20 min, to make sure I wasn’t feeling any discomfort, or if I needed ANYTHING at all! The first 5 min of the procedure is slightly intense, and a little uncomfortable but by no means painful at all! After the first 5 min, it was a breeze for the remaining 55 min of the treatment. The area goes a little numb, so there’s no real discomfort after that point. I got so into the movie I was watching, time seriously flew while I got my 3 “areas” treated. One of the best things about this entire process, was there was no “down time”. I was back to work the very next day, feeling completely normal, with the exception of my abs, which felt like I had an intense workout at the gym the night before. I can’t wait to start seeing the results in the next few weeks! Thanks Dr. Lowenstein, Suzanne, and your amazing team!!!!” -J

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