Published February 14, 2021 By Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Throughout adulthood, we make thousands of decisions. Most of them are so small that we put very little energy into them. Choosing to add cream to your coffee isn’t a big deal when you know you like the flavor. You brush your teeth before bed not because you’ve weighed the pros and cons but because this choice has been ingrained since childhood. Sometimes, though, decisions require months of consideration and research. Having a tummy tuck is one such decision. This procedure offers profound benefits, yes, but your reason for having surgery also matters. Here, we discuss healthy motivating factors that can lead to satisfying abdominoplasty results.

Why Have Abdominoplasty?

You want your body back.

When we ask a patient why they want a tummy tuck, we often hear something like this as a response. In many cases, abdominoplasty is sought by a person who has either been pregnant or has achieved significant weight loss. Both situations stretch the skin. Both may stretch the muscle, leading to laxity or separation. A tummy tuck corrects the cosmetic effects of pregnancy or weight, restoring a previous shape. Here’s a little secret: abdominoplasty might just make your midsection look better than it ever has.

You want greater confidence.

When it comes to reasons for plastic surgery procedures, we know there is an inevitable link to confidence. Patients must understand that a tummy tuck cannot make them feel good about themselves if they don’t already have a healthy sense of self-esteem. The happiest patients are adults who appreciate their bodies and would like a bit of refinement, so they feel even better in their own skin.

You’re prepared for long-term results.

Mentally, patients who want abdominoplasty are ready for long-term results. This readiness should be integrated into daily practice. Patients who have maintained a stable weight for six months or longer may be great candidates for abdominoplasty. This achievement indicates that they have developed lifestyle habits that promote weight management and general fitness. Tummy tuck surgery is often the final step for individuals who have done the work, so to speak, to improve their physical shape.

Abdominoplasty offers significant rewards. Are you ready? Contact our Santa Barbara office at 805.969.9004 to schedule your consultation.

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